The Bohrok Va At Home is a comedy written by Darth Jaller. It is a POV comedy.


Six Bohrok Va are sent into an alternate dimension, or Planet Earth. Tahnok Va and Lehvak Va get jobs as cleaners and demolishers. They later buy a house with money Lehvak scammed from his company. Tahnok later burns down the house with a flamethrower. They get into wacky scenarios. Later on Pahrak Va becomes obsessed with Star Wars, while Nuhvok Va becomes obsessed with fish. They are also joined by guest stars.


Bohrok VaEdit

  • Tahnok Va
  • Gahlok Va
  • Lehvak Va
  • Nuhvok Va
  • Pahrak Va
  • Kohrok Va

Guest StarsEdit

  • Zawnarx
  • Stop Stealing My Lines!
  • Lepal
  • matoran199
  • Samzoraz

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