A Memorial To Ask Tahu was a one-post comedy written by Darth Jaller. It served as a memorial to Ask Tahu, an Ask comedy written by Puffie40, as the title suggests. It uses the same characters as in Ask Tahu, which Darth Jaller believes as the greatest comedy of its time.


During the beginning Tahu has to cope with the fact that Toa Lehu(or Darth Jaller) writes in prose. Tahu then talks to Lewa on the phone, after his Rahi-Control Kraata escaped. They then decide to look for it. After they reach Onu-Wahi they see that all the rahi the kraata controlled run, as Toa Onua scared them away. Onua then chases after Tahu and Lewa.


  • Toa Tahu
  • Toa Lewa
  • Toa Onua
  • Toa Lehu

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